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You can also display star and planet labels, and constellations. If you need to quickly translate a word or phrase, the aptly named Translate widget provides a handy tool.

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Improve your vocabulary with this widget, which serves up daily definitions from Merriam-Webster. Check out the brand new podcast series that makes learning easy with host Eric Martsolf. Related Book Macs For Dummies. Cocktail Can you mix an, um, Apple Martini? Back Next.

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Movies Want to know the flicks playing in the hood? Power Switch Press or rather click this single button in the Dashboard to make something happen on your Mac.

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Translate If you need to quickly translate a word or phrase, the aptly named Translate widget provides a handy tool. Word of the Day Improve your vocabulary with this widget, which serves up daily definitions from Merriam-Webster. Download: News Reader Free. If you want a quick way to eject external volumes without accessing Finder or the desktop, the Eject Volume Dashboard widget is ideal. You can get any part of a web page to show up on Dashboard as a custom widget called a web clip.

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This macOS feature is great if you want to track, say, Twitter trends, Amazon deals, or our latest articles without opening your browser. Want to learn more about web clips and get inspiration to create custom ones? So how do you make Dashboard useful again?

Read More. Dashboard can be a great way to keep bits and pieces of information handy but hidden, especially when you use it as an overlay instead of a Space. There, all you have to do is select As Overlay from the Dashboard dropdown menu. Look for the Show Dashboard checkbox.

To top it all, you can also access Dashboard with a hot corner and even have multiple instances of the same widget. To discover more widgets, visit the official Apple page for Dashboard. Check out these awesome methods for customizing your Mac theme and more.

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Read More in a while and has a bit of a retro look to it. Your email address will not be published. I've been searching for a Dashboard widget to use as a To Do list. The ones I've found have strange bugs and don't seem to be supported anymore.

Any suggestions? How about using an online notepad like a5. Here's how you can create web clips for Dashboard. I tried Timescroller and it looked good until I realized the date was wrong.

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It should be Sunday since Micronesia is 16 hours ahead, not 8 hours behind. After the introduction of System 7 and cooperative multitasking, the necessity of creating Desk Accessories was removed and developers were encouraged to create applications instead. The OS continued to support them, for backward compatibility, until the switch to Mac OS X In fact, the Calculator desk accessory remained in the Mac OS through version 9, 17 years without a significant update.

Apple included 14 widgets. They consisted of:. All of these are available through the Mac OS X In addition, Mac OS X One of these is Web Clip, which allows any user to turn a rectangular section of any webpage into a widget This, however, only works with the Safari Web Browser. The widget updates as the website does, and all links and other interactive material in the widget's selection of the webpage works as if the website is being accessed from the Safari Web Browser.

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Another new widget is Movies, which allows users to find currently playing movies at local theaters, view trailers, and purchase tickets directly from Dashboard. Apple has not, as of summer , announced support for the installation of Dashboard widgets on iOS. Even though, in June , an unannounced update of Dashcode that was packaged with the iPhone SDK allowed for the creation of iPhone-oriented web widgets , it is unknown if this most recent version of Dashcode would support the creation of AJAX-driven mobile widgets that could be installed natively on iOS.

It has been demonstrated that installing Dashboard widgets on a jailbroken iOS device is possible in theory, but most desktop-oriented widgets are not oriented to usage or interaction on iOS's multi-touch screen -oriented interface or rely on DashboardClient's widget JavaScript object, which is not part of iOS. On June 2, , as part of their announcement of iOS 8 , Apple announced that in the 'Today' view which is accessible by swiping down the status bar will be able to have downloadable widgets from the App Store.

There is an unrelated CarPlay feature with the same name introduced with iOS From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about Apple's Dashboard software.

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