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Working with Word EndNote is a reference organiser and writing solution. It is the ideal, time-saving software to enable students to collect references and then use this library to add citations to a Word document.

Cite While You Write for Pages

Editing References If you have mentioned the author or year in your paragraph then you may wish to remove them from your citation. Click on the reference. Select Edit and Manage Citations Edit the citation as needed.

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Some of the Edit Citation options include excluding the author or year or adding page numbers. References used in one document should NOT come from different libraries. LIB as the proper extension. PC to Mac: There is a free software program that converts all PC filters, connection files and styles to a Mac format. From the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands: General Information: Macintosh uses the Return key instead of the Enter key To close a reference in Macintosh: If that does not work, try the following: Install the EndNote update s from http: Select Customizer from the EndNote menu.

Check the box in front of the Cite While You Write option. Click next until the Customizer is finished. Open a library.

Adding page numbers to your EndNote citations in Microsoft Word

Then open Word and check the Tools menu for the EndNote submenu. If the tools do not appear: Close Word and EndNote. Open your hard drive and go to the folder: The appearance of your citations will change and you can safely delete them in the text.

Some styles do not have page numbers included in their format. Using the Suffix will skirt the problem.

Creating Bibliographies: Endnote — University of Leicester

Include Page Number for the used style. The appearance of your citations will change and you can safely delete them in the text using Microsoft Office Word tools like Delete, Backspace or Cut. Format button on the floating EndNote toolbar in Word for Mac.

You may choose to work with citations unformatted the whole time. Advantages of working with unformatted citations include:. Responsible Officer: Skip navigation.

How to Use EndNote in 6 Minutes: Macintosh

Search this Guide Search. EndNote X7. Insert and edit citations The following information relates to using EndNote in conjunction with Microsoft Office Word. There are two methods for inserting a citation:

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