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I never felt the need for bookmarks descriptions, nor for using that field to add comments to bookmarks. In fact, just like some others here, I hate to see my bookmarks database fill up with all the stupid bloated promotion slogans that sites without asking dump in those description fields. After backing up my profile of course. Appreciate the info! There was a over 10 years bug on this issue. So, instead of fixing a problem, they remove the feature.

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Luckily, I never adopted Firefox, but this gets worse and worse. I use the descriptions, edit them myself, and would miss them if I were going to move on from FF But I am not doing that. Everything I liked about FF is either gone already or going away. PickPocket in Chrome really messed up my account, and it was the Pocket Team with Manuel and others who rebuilt my entire structure.

How to Add and Remove Bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox

No better way for me—and this was on the free version. Amazon has built a huge, worldwide business, just catering to that so-called long tail of books that were never bought by more than a few thousand people — yet if you took those books out of bookshops and libraries, there would be virtually nothing left of the publishing industry, because best-sellers are the exception, not the norm.

How to edit Firefox for iOS bookmarks

Breaking news : people are different, and have different needs. The whole point of software is to cater to all needs.

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To empower users. For some people, feature A will be a life-saver. Take Word or Excel, two programs which are still far ahead of anything else in their field, several decades after their launch. Has any feature ever been removed from them? I bet that most of Word or Excel features are used by an excessively tiny minority of their owners. The point is, different minorities use different features, and a whole lot of minorities make… an overwhelming majority.

Please name a spreadsheet program or word processor more powerful than either Excel or Word. Or even as powerful as them. The best people can pull out is : program x is a fine substitute for Excel or Word. Oh, and did I mention it was free? Or cheap? All I can see are some dumb fascists trying to make everybody do and think the same thing at the same time.

If a feature is used by very small number of people it may not be feasible to maintain this feature so it works and is bug free. You bring examples of Excel and Word.

Yes but you conveniently forget Windows itself. How many features has Microsoft removed from windows that were used by small number of people. Microsoft is hardly the shining example here when it comes to providing features people want or use. Windows has now many flaws. Office also has a number of flaws inasmuch as it was drawn to the cloud, therefore it suffers many of the same update policy issues, privacy issues and ownership issues as Windows. However, the facts about Excel and Word are still facts. Excel and Word were developed under Bill Gates presidency. The current train wreck that are Windows forced updates, Windows borked updates and Windows spying were not.

Windows once stood for excellency. Microsoft is a business.

How to Organize and Sync Your Browser Bookmarks

A business puts out good products and bad products. There were scores of bad products coming from Microsoft nobody talks about, because they disappeared long ago and nobody remembers them. The point for a business is not to never make mistakes. Microsoft has now lost the monopoly it once had over office applications, thanks to Google and the cloud generally. Software developers are unimportant.

The important person is the consumer. Excel and Word were written by software developers, and here they are. After all those years. However, you had to shell out real money to get them, and herein maybe lies part of the explanation. Free is nice, but money is better. Money is a good thing.

How do I transfer my bookmarks from Firefox to Google Chrome? — University of Leicester

Money means justice. Money means truth. Money means you pay the real price for things. Free is often a swindle, because you pay in all sorts of invisible ways, one of them being lesser quality. Amazon took advantage of the long tail of the book business, and look where they are now. The book buyer is far better off with Amazon now. Back in those days, it was practically impossible to buy a foreign book, not published in your own country.

Follow the steps for your device:

Being witty and being relevant are two different things. Many users who care about their privacy disable telemetry, and they are often the ones using advanced features that Mozilla removes. Obviously Mozilla is not interested in that sort of users. I find the bookmarks feature lackluster at the very best! The thought of having to transcribe all those notes in a text editor now makes my head spin….

Damn you Mozilla, what were you thinking? Removing the bookmark properties is a real nuisance. I used to store password prompts there not passwords themselves.

Instead of improving Firefox, Mozilla keeps removing features. My Description field in my Bookmarks disappeared two days ago. I used it as a place to store the login and password for each bookmark. Now I need to find another method to keep my login info. This sucks. Bookmark descriptions were an obvious place to store site identifiers. Not the best a password manager would have been better , but it should have been obvious to Mozilla developers that a lot of people probably used the field for that. And for many other things. That much should have been a no-brainer.

Or whatever. Incidentally, if they had wanted to vindicate Firefox users who turn off telemetry out of principle, and encourage others to follow suit, they could not have found any better way.