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WordPress Shortcode. Published in: Technology. Full Name Comment goes here. When you launch it like this, Unity receives commands and information on startup, which can be very useful for test suites, automated builds and other production tasks. Note : Use the same method to launch standalone Unity games. On macOS , type the following into the Terminal to silently launch Unity:.

Note : When activating via the command line using continuous integration CI tools like Jenkins, add the -nographics flag to prevent a WindowServer error. On Windows , type the following into the Command Prompt to silently launch Unity:. On macOS , type the following into the Terminal to return the license:. On Windows , type the following into the Command Prompt to return the license:. You can run the Editor and built Unity games with additional commands and information on startup.

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This section describes the command line options available. The following command executes Unity in batch mode, executes the MyEditorScript. PerformBuild method, and then quits upon completion.


The following command executes Unity in batch mode, and updates from the Asset server using the supplied project path. The method executes after all Assets are downloaded and imported from the Asset server. After the function has finished execution, Unity automatically quits. For example:. Soporte Tizen descontinuado en Version: Manual Version: Unity User Manual Construir el Pipeline de un Reproductor. Batch mode and built-in coroutine compatibility.

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Publication Force an update of the project in the Asset Server given by IP:port. The port is optional, and if not given it is assumed to be the standard one It is advisable to use this command in conjunction with the -projectPath argument to ensure you are working with the correct project.

If no project exists at the path -projectPath gives, then the command line creates one automatically. Run Unity in batch mode. You should always use this in conjunction with the other command line arguments, because it ensures no pop-up windows appear and eliminates the need for any human intervention.

When an exception occurs during execution of the script code, the Asset server updates fail, or other operations fail, Unity immediately exits with return code 1. Note that in batch mode, Unity sends a minimal version of its log output to the console.

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However, the Log Files still contain the full log information. You cannot open a project in batch mode while the Editor has the same project open; only a single instance of Unity can run at a time.

Tip : To check whether you are running the Editor or Standalone Player in batch mode, use the Application. If the project has not yet been imported when using -batchmode , the target platform is the default one. To force a different platform when using -batchmode , use the -buildTarget option.

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