Rename user folder mac os x

Important: these instructions only apply to OS X Before you can rename your Home Folder, the first step is to enable and use the Root User. The Root User has special permissions to carry out administrative tasks, but should be used with extreme care and is normally disabled by default.

Then rename the account

Only the computer owner should have access to the Root User. In this case, the Root User is used so that the Home Folder and its file permissions can be updated correctly. Selecting Open Directory Utility launches a separate program that allows you to enable the Root User. There are several additional ways to change the Home Folder name, but the method described below is by far the easiest and also the lowest risk option.

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Related brighthub. Aug 8 '11 at Cool article. That's exactly the point. This will not work if the new name is already an existing directory. Instead, it will move the old directory inside the new one. If the directory name is the same with capitalization you will get No such file or directory.

How to access the Home folder on a Mac?

To move a file or directory type this in Terminal. The correct option is -T. See bmaupin's answer for its behavior.

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  • The Safest Way to Rename the Home Folder.

Doesn't work if you want to capitalize the directory name in a case-insensitive filesystem likely on MacOS. I worked around this by using an intermediate name i. Marwad Jul 21 at Matt P Matt P 51 1 1 silver badge 1 1 bronze badge. This gvfs-move command will also rename files and directories. Note that if you selected a number format, you can use the Where dropdown to choose whether the sequential numbers appear before or after the common name of your files. Make sure you're happy with the preview example at the bottom of the Rename panel, then click Rename.

The selected files will now be renamed with your chosen nomenclature. How to Add Text to Existing File Names Finder's renaming tool also lets you add supplementary text to filenames without changing their original titles.

How to Change a User Home Folder Name in Mac OS

Simply select the files whose names you want to adjust and bring up the Rename Finder Items panel as described above, only select Add Text from the from the first dropdown instead. Then just type in the additional text in the input field. How to Search and Replace Text in File Names Finder also allows you to rename only certain files whose names include a certain piece of identifying text. This is particularly convenient if you have tens or hundreds of files in a folder with different names and you only want to change those files that contain a particular word.

Change the name of your macOS user account and home folder

Select all the files in a folder make sure they're all of the same kind, or this won't work , bring up the Rename Finder Items panel in the same way as before, but this time select Replace Text in the first dropdown. Now simply type the identifying text you want to replace into the Find field, and enter the text you want to replace it with in the Replace With field, then click Rename. Top Rated Comments View all. Artist Name - Song Name , etc.

How to change Mac username

This looks good too; better in some ways, but worse in others. Big Ron. So what, this is a Mac forum.

Much simpler and less robust. That is a pretty standard trade off.

How to find the Home folder on a Mac?

Or, to repeat what others have said, Automator has been able to do this since forever. Nitpicky here, but I would recommend command -click instead of shift-click. If you select two non-adjacent files with shift-click, it will select all of the files in between.

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  6. Great if you want that, but if you don't, go with command-click for selecting items one by one. Photoshop has some built-in file renaming capabilities but par for the course for Adobe it's a bit convoluted and harder to set up. I think this is more intuitive in that it's called out in the interface and walks you through the options. You lose me at 'not free'