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The problem is that it disconnects and reconnects to my network approx every 20seconds. I am running Leopard Has anyone had and resolved this problem? If not, does someone have a nicely wokring PCI wireless card they can recommend getting? Many thanks in advance. It's the faster If you are going to get a new wireless adapter why not get the faster one. I'm using it on an iBook G4 with Leopard. It will work with Panther and Tiger too. You just need a Mac with USB 2.

That's not you, right?

Email me if you need to know more. First of all there is a notice inside that says the device is not Vista compatible. Although, as we all know, things can be hacked. I have included a few box scans so everyone knows what the package looks like, as well as the bottom flap where the version number is so you know Where to look. I went to the website listed above for my chipset.

I installed the driver, restarted the computer, inserted the device into my USB port.

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Instant wireless connectivity after configuring my security settings. This fantastic chip supports WEP as well the network types where you have to enter the network name too. Everyone go out and buy one of these!

Great antenna, better connection that my onboard. It is intresting to note that this piece of hardware evidently does not work universally across all versions and distros of of HacOSx I have had a problem or two getting the connection to register in my system.

Belkin F5D9050 Wireless G Plus MIMO USB Network Adapter Windows Drivers, Software

This only happened once, but otherwise this hardware works just fine. It DOES suffer from the replug glitch. Once I left it unplugged, and only plugged it in after the system loaded, and had problems. Minor problem. Maybe there will oneday be a workaround. That's not what I call a fantastic chip. You want people to go out and buy one of those? Here's a review which I didn't write that calls it a badly engineered POS. It seems Belkin is modifying the chips they use to have a unique Device ID so that generic drivers will not be able to identify them. This link is for Realtek's driver for Rev 5 Belkin cards that use the Realtek chip.

So what I'm trying to do is get Realtek's drivers to recognize the new identity. Once the driver is installed you will need to copy the kext it installs to your desktop and edit the info. I chose to edit the following section.

Re: Belkin Wireless G USB Adapter Software/Drivers for Ubuntu 11.04

Items in bold are the ones I changed, because when I ran ioreg -l it gave me the proper vendor ID's. Anyways if anyone can test this and see if it works. Don't forget to backup a copy of the original kext and repair permissions when done. First off, most people on these boards just want a wireless USB adapter that runs on a hackintosh. This one is cheap AND works with a simple download at least mine did. It uses a 13 digit key for frell's sake. You can keep out most nosey neighbors who are simply looking for a free ride- in other words, it keeps the entire neighborhood from stealing bandwidth from your network.

It may connect using other protocols, I have not tested it. It looks to me like the first four chipsets have easy work arounds. It has a good signal and comes with a USB extention cord. I have successfully connected to my desktop pc and transferred files, connected to the net, watched online vids, and lota of other things. Just pay attention to which chipset it has, as can be seen by looking on the bottom of the box as demonstrated in the above post. If you are on a limited budget like me, consider buying this one.

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Easy, cheap, compatible. So for the hackintosh newbies let me see if I can summarize and get concurrence from someone more in the know. If you can find an F5D Version 2xxx Use version 3xxx or 4xxx as second to last choice. And then what??? Does it need to be compiled or is this merely a config file?

Don't go with version 1xxx or because it is status GREY and requires mucking with the driver From all I have read, since my is a version it should require the driver which is covered in the above driver package So I installed the driver, plugged in the apapter and then restarted the hack box.

How to fix Belkin USB Wi-Fi Adapter: Not connected - No connections are availible Error

It found my network and asked for encryption type and key s. The USB adapter did not show up in the list of network adapters on the left navigator panel of the Mac Network Utility. Was it supposed to?

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How does one do that? I have leo4all v2 I also have the version I installed it and restarted my computer. After restart I discovered a new config utility which helped me connect to my network. Compatibility may differ depending on if you use more or less security, but I had no problem and did not have to do anything extra. I am using I suspected that most people with success in this area are now on I built my hack several months ago and then went overseas on business so I am just returning to it.

In that time, the next distro appeared. Since I have little invested in this distro I think I will find Leo4All and download and then reinstall. So far I like what I see. I could easily become a Mac fanatic. I love the way you hit the power button and you are on your Mac desktop in thirty seconds from a cold start. Try doing that in Windows ; I could easily take a shower, dress and drive to work over an hour commute before my Windows machine is ready for me to do anything productive.

Linksys WUSB54G USB adapter and 10.4.6

Thanks again for your help. Will get If lucky Insert CD into your disk drive 2. Plug in your Belkin USB 2. Insert the provided driver CD into your CD drive 2.

Linux driver for belkin wireless g usb network adapter - Google Документи

Double-click the CD on your desktop 3. Select your Mac OS version 5.

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In the directory of Mac Operation is subject to the following Equipment Directive, do not dispose of this product as two conditions: household waste or commercial waste. Page Warranty Belkin International, Inc.