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I'm pretty sure the mail settings are for IMAP by default, so you won't see it as a checkbock.

How to Add Yahoo Email to Mac | Set up Yahoo email on a Mac

At this point it's a different setting to get things todo POP. Just be sure you use the correct IMAP servers for the email services you're setting up. Jan 27, AM. Thank you, but it definitely states Pop. I am using btinternet for my mail. The Pop settings do not allow all the Imap info and servers to be put in. Jan 30, PM. The trick here is not to choose the existing Yahoo option but to set up the account manually on all devices! Note : When setting your yahoo IMAP account up both the user name and password under the Ougoing Mail Server are listed as 'optional' - you will have to fill in your information here, otherwise you'll be able to receive emails but the emails you sent to others will never reach them.

Mar 22, PM. Oh my goodness!!

Yahoo will not allow MAC Mail to connnect

I have been trying to set up my free yahoo mail for 3 days now and ONE simple thing from all of these posts helped me out! I have a free account, my password is small and I set up with IMAP and I was still receiving the caution triangle symbol in the actual apple mail. All is took was for me to enter into apple mail, click on- mail- on the menu bar in the upper left hand corner, drop down and click on - preferences, click on the yahoo mail icon, find -Outgoing Mail Server SMTP and open the box. That's it, a colon!! So now it should read- smtp.

I hope this helps! Sep 4, PM.

Check if your account works outside of the app

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Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Alexander Lee1 Alexander Lee1. Use the following settings: Incoming Server - imap. Best, Alex. More Less.

First, review the following

All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. User profile for user: nicoleivy nicoleivy. Apple Watch Speciality level out of ten: 0. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. User profile for user: Markie Castle Markie Castle. Any helpful tips appreciated, Markie. I created a brand new Yahoo account, and was able to do the setup in Mac Mail with no problem. I shortened the password to under 20 characters, and everthing started working again.

It was driving me crazy when it happened to me. Having tried several solutions. I became resigned to the problem. Try this only after you saved all your current settings. I then decided to delete all my accounts in Apple Mail. Use Keychain. The next time you log into Apple Mail you will be prompted using the initial setup screen. This helps with the suspension I call it funk. I then went to gmail. This took out the suspended animation out of the password error message. My Apple Mail client worked right away and I was able to send and receive emails for free.

No fee, no hassle. Then just for grins, I tried reconfiguring Yahoo again.

I am guessing the following: Outages throw off Apple Mail settings due to recalibration problems at Yahoo. Classic Mail takes the old POP settings that probably worked fine until the suspension occurs. Yahoo still has outages. They still have sub-par support. Thank you for the investigation and update!

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User profile for user: kathyfromlongview kathyfromlongview. Would your instructions be done on an existing acct? Please help! Thanks in advance. User profile for user: Hau3 Hau3. Jan 26, AM in response to fishhavelittlememory In response to fishhavelittlememory Hi there, I cannot find the option to choose imap.

Settings for MBP - see earlier entry Oct Browse by products and services. Additional steps for older versions of Apple Mail that were released prior to Sierra have been included. Requirements Before you start, be sure to have these handy: Your domain name: example.

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Your email password. Your email access domain. The email access domain is completely independent of the web access domain and will look something like this: xxxx-xxxx. The "xxxx-xxxx" string will be a series of randomized letters. This will be totally unique to your specific Grid. Read our article What is an "Access Domain"? Enter your email account information and click create. Full Name: Your name as you would like it to appear. Email Address: Your full email address.

Password: The password for your email account. Mail will attempt to contact the mail server. The default search uses "autodiscover. However, don't worry! It's normal for this to happen due to Media Temple's servers not having autodiscover settings enabled by default. When an autodiscover setting has been unsuccessful, the message "Unable to verify account name or password" will appear in a new settings box.

Why is Yahoo Backup required?

Fill in the fields using your email info and access domain. If you do not see this box and are using a version of Apple Mail that was released prior to OSX Sierra, skip to "Additional steps for older versions of apple mail". User Name: Your full email address. Password: The password to your email account. Outgoing Mail Server: Your email access domain. Please note that by default, Apple Mail versions 10 and higher use secure SSL connections for both incoming and outgoing servers.