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Crystallographic Refinement

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Configuring your browser for RasMol script

It is Also full offline Setup and standalone installer and Compressed Version. Learning Point. Performance-improving features — Scores of new features are included in the release. Below are a few most requested by Mac users. Text in your PDFs is now selectable and searchable.

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Version Chronology of RasMol; problems re: Stereo

The Phenix package, currently under development, promises to the the most automated and user-friendly of crystallographic software packages. It is fully python-based, enabling straightforward extensibility using a modern scripting language that doesn't blow chunks. It is freely available for academic users registration required. It is no longer being actively developed but still enjoys great popularity.

The CCP4 crystallographic software suite is the most complete, comprehensive and versatile set of crystallographic software packages. It follows the unix philosophy of having many individual stand-alone programs that can be connected together, if needed, by user-implemented shell scripts many examples are provided. It also hosts the most active crystallographic community activities, including a very active email-based bulletin board. Shelx is primarily a small-molecule package, but has many relevant functions for macromolecular crystallography.

Mosflm is part of the CCP4 crystallographic software suite and is freely available. HKL is another popular data processing package. It is not free. XDS is another alternative, and is free to non-commercial users.

RasMol for Mac Free download

Crystallography on OS X is a website I have made to aid those who want to install crystallographic and other scientific software on OS X. Crystallography on Linux is a more limited website I have made to aid those who want to install crystallographic and other scientific software on OS X. Atoms may also be labelled with arbitrary text strings.

Alternate conformers and multiple NMR models may be specially coloured and identified in atom labels.

Crystallographic Computation

Different parts of the molecule may be represented and coloured independently of the rest of the molecule or displayed in several representations simultaneously. The displayed molecule may be rotated, translated, zoomed and z-clipped slabbed interactively using either the mouse, the scroll bars, the command line or an attached dial box. RasMol can read a prepared list of commands from a 'script' file or via inter-process communication to allow a given image or viewpoint to be restored quickly. RasMol can also create a script file containing the commands required to regenerate the current image.

Rasmol Alternatives and Similar Software - plowuntwedperfi.ml

The RasMol help facility can be accessed by typing "help " or "help " from the command line. A complete list of RasMol commands may be displayed by typing "help commands". A single question mark may also be used to abbreviate the keyword "help". Please type "help notices" for important notices. Released by R. Sayle RasMol 2.

Our thanks to R. Curtis Haltiwanger for suggesting this change. Our thanks to Eric Martz for suggesting this change. Our thanks to Helen Berman for suggesting this change. Released by H. Bernstein, 22 June RasMol 2. Our thanks to Fernando Gabriel Ranea for most of the translations. Bernstein, 21 January RasMol 2.

This release does not include the toolbar from the UCB mods. In order to resolve some cross-platform issues we have started incorporation of the UCB code for multiple molecules and bond rotation by adding to the command interface and to the menus. We expect to be able to add a toolbar in a future release. This release is not fully debugged and has some serious problems. This release is intended for testing and experimentation and not for production use.

  • [Molvis-list] RasMol RasWin installer testers needed.
  • SGI workstations!
  • Installing Rasmol on OS X (10.8.5).

Comments and suggestions would be appreciated. The fix for this interacts with some other pending changes, and should be ready for the next release. The next release will allow cross-eyed and wall-eyed stereo to be selected from the menus. We hope to have a fix for the next release.


Our apologies. If you previously reported a bug in RasMol 2. Bernstein, 28 August RasMol 2. This release should hopefully represent a move toward stability for the 2.