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QuickBooks users unless otherwise noted. In other cases, they simply have a difficult time identifying which files are the correct files to open due to multiple copies or backups. The new 'Find a Company File' feature makes it easy for users to find and open their Company files even if they don't remember the file's location or name.

QuickBooks quickly searches for all your company files across the different file sources of your computer hard drive, attached storage, connected media, etc.

The new 'Find a Company File' lists all identified QuickBooks company files found with key information to help users identify the Company File s they are looking for. The new Automated Payment Reminder feature is designed to save you time by automatically creating reminder emails for outstanding invoices to your clients with the content you choose, even allowing you to send different reminders to different customers, plus you always have the option to review the reminders prior to sending them out.

You access this feature from the QuickBooks menu bar , then select Customers , and then choose Payment Reminders. The key is in the set-up of this new feature, so make certain to check back for our feature specific article on Automated Customer Payment Reminders to go step-by-step through the process. New 'Automated Payment Reminders' lets you set up reminders for customers when their invoices are due or past due , giving you flexibility for specific customers based upon your own situation s.

Invoice reminders are easily trackable and also appear in the Sent Emails tab of the Customer Center.

You can potentially save countless hours with this new automated payment reminder and invoicing feature. You and your customer will both experience the convenience of the Customer PO automatically populating on Emails generated from QuickBooks with this new feature for You heard me right, with this new QuickBooks Desktop feature you can combine multiple Emails to the same Customer from within QuickBooks into a single Email. At present this feature doesn't work if you are using Intuit Payments.

Just think of the convenience this will afford both you and your customers.

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They will no longer get Email after Email after Email, and you will no longer waste time trying to manually link multiple PDFs to a single Email outside of QuickBooks to keep your customer happy with only one Email. If you needed to run a report that displayed data by columns, like jobs or classes, you had to scroll to find the displayed total columns, or export the report to Excel so that you could hide the columns and just display the appropriate total columns.

Well now, QuickBooks gives you the ability to view the totals of data displayed by columns like job and class without having to scroll through large reports, or spend time exporting the data to Excel.

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The new Collapse Columns feature makes it easy to quickly collapse a report by columns, hiding or unhiding columns, to see the information you want. QuickBooks makes it easy to quickly collapse a report to view data displayed by columns like customer:job and class. You can easily hide or unhide columns enabling you to see only totals when you want or see all the information when you need it.

And best of all, you can do all of this without having to export the report to Excel. This new feature is designed to provide a simplified guided set-up experience for both the QuickBooks user and the employee.

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Please note however that this feature is actually being rolled out in phases with new payroll subscribers using QuickBooks Desktop receiving the feature first, followed by existing payroll subscribers using QuickBooks Desktop , and then new or existing payroll subscribers still using QuickBooks Desktop and New feature simplifies payroll by providing a guided set-up experience for both QuickBooks users and employees.

Another aspect of this new feature is that QuickBooks users can invite their employees to fill in their own personal payroll related information using a secure cloud-based portal via an Intuit log-in which the employee creates in response to the invitation. In future releases employees will be able to provide additional information supporting the payroll process personal tax withholding details, banking information for direct deposit, etc. QuickBooks users can invite their employees to fill in their own personal payroll related information using a secure Intuit cloud-based portal.

With this new feature QuickBooks users will be able to reduce payroll set-up time by having their employees self-complete much of their own personal information needed to run payroll from any location so long as they have internet access. This means that employees will be able to complete forms from a convenient location from which they have information readily available to use in completing the forms. The feature is designed to allow QuickBooks users who pay their employees via Direct Deposit to confirm the status of their direct deposited payroll.

Until now QuickBooks users have been unable to know the current status of a direct deposited payroll run without contacting support or waiting on confirmation emails from Intuit. Note this service, as with direct deposit itself, requires an Internet connection. The new Payroll Status for Direct Deposited Payroll feature makes it easy to view the status of direct deposited payrolls without relying on emails or contacting support.

With this new feature you will easily view the details status of your direct deposited payrolls without having to check for emails from Intuit or contact support. These features are available for both U. This new feature in QuickBooks Enterprise with Advanced Inventory allows you to track Alternate Vendors and pricing data so you can make better purchasing decisions.

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New in QuickBooks Enterprise v20 is a centralized information center containing vendor contact and pricing data allowing you to be more accurate and productive during purchasing as well as improving profitability. From the QuickBooks menu bar select Vendor Center and then click the Items tab to access this feature. Vendor details can be managed directly from the Alternate Vendor access within the Item dialog box as shown above or be easily accessed directly from within a Purchase Order using the View Vendor Price button on the Main Ribbon of the PO as shown below.

Get increased visibility into vendor pricing options and easily create purchase orders that save you money by using the most cost effective options with the new QuickBooks Enterprise Advance Inventory Alternate Vendor feature. With this new feature you will have increased visibility into vendor pricing options, save time importing vendor price lists, and easily create purchase orders with vendor information and pricing that saves you money by using the most cost effective options.

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Years ago, Joe Woodard wrote a lengthy article teaching QuickBooks users how they could apply the cost of freight to their actual item costs using a complex set of steps that few users ever followed. Now, QuickBooks Enterprise v20 Advanced Inventory users have the option of factoring freight, duties, insurance and other miscellaneous costs into their actual item costs to provide them with greater visibility into their true product costs. I also worked closely with interaction designers to make sure the interaction language was consistent across platforms while still leveraging specific behavioral languages unique to individual devices.

Once the design language and roll-out plan was established, the project was so successful that it eventually led to a company-wide redesign effort. From this project, I learned how to work effectively with many types of individuals by being a leader, but still making sure everyone involved had ownership in their parts and were marching toward the same goals. All screen examples below were designed and implemented by me.

Not the prettiest site, but it was super easy for everyone to use, which enabled people to keep the spec always up-to-date. Projects About Contact.