Vmware workstation 8 tools for mac lion

Chau Chee Yang Technical Blog: Running Mac OS X on VMware Workstation in Windows Platform

Dreaming of an ad-free web? Browse with Brave. Learn more. View full description. Softonic review VMware Fusion is a software virtualization hypervisor —or virtual machine monitor—developed by VMware for Mac computers. Fierce Competition As a virtual machine monitor for Mac, VMware Fusion operates reliably and is powerful enough to support several operating systems.

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CheatSheet Instantly access keyboard shortcuts on your Mac. Caffeine Prevent your Mac going to sleep. Download VMware Fusion Download for Mac.

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Make sure you guys read the article deeply to prevent any problem. If you again faced any issue, just put a comment down below this post. We will answer it as soon as possible. Step 2. Step 3. Browse for the VMware Tools you downloaded in step 1. Step 4. Once you have chosen the VMware tools. Step 5. The VMware tools will automatically appear on your desktop. You have to click on Install VMware tools. Step 6. On the welcome to VMware tools Installer page, click Continue.

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Step 8. Step 9. Type your username plus password and click Install Software. Step Once the installation is successfully done, click the Restart button. If the screen resolution is not fixed and you have the same problem. Just follow up the below steps. When the VMware tools did work for you. You might see the error below in the shot.

Screenshots of VMWare Fusion

Step 1. The system developer blocks the VMware tools. From the General section click Allow button to continue the process. Once you restarted your machine, enter your username and password click Enter. VMware tools appear on your desktop and click on Install VMware tools. Click Continue for a couple of times and restart your device.

If you have any other question feel to hit a comment down below this post. Mukhtar Jafari is the CEO of wikigain. The task is simple. First, we open a Windows command line, with administrator privileges. If you gave a name different than macOS to your virtual machine on the "General" section, you must also replace it on each of the following commands. After we have successfully entered all the commands, without any errors, we can close the command line, open VirtualBox and start the Mac OS X virtual machine.

Harder, but not impossible. The same method is supposed to work on the latest Ryzen CPUs, but we didn't have a sample machine to try it. On the results, we just need to check the Features. If we find SSE 4.

To download the Sierra machine, visit this link. At the bottom of the first message, you will find a zip file and a Dropbox link. The compressed file contains a torrent, to download the machine. Since the file is quite large almost 7GB , we chose the torrent method, but you can pick whichever fits you best. Once we download it, we have to decompress it in our desired location and move onto the next step. This time we won't need to apply any patches to VMware Workstation Player, opposed to Intel's method we described above. Thus, we can use VMware version 14, which is the latest.

We can find it here. If you already have version 12, you can still follow the steps below; there is no need to upgrade VMware.

Next, hit Browse and locate the file you downloaded from amd-osx. You should move the file to your desired location before you pick it. If you decide to move it afterward, you'll have to add it again on the virtual machine.

[Update] Unlock VMware Workstation 8 To Run Mac OS X Lion

If we have VMware 14, the program will ask to convert the image to the newest format. We press Convert, except if we want it to be compatible with older versions of VMware. We can now start the engine. We will be greeted by a black screen, where we need to press any button to continue.

Prepare Mac OS X Installation

No matter how long it takes, we wait patiently. Even if it appears to be stuck, give it at least 10 minutes before you try to restart the machine. At the end of this process, macOS Sierra will eventually show up. We can now move on to the first time set up. The hard part is long gone.

Vmware Tools For Mac Os X Mountain Lion

At this point, no matter which way we chose to create the Mac OS X virtual machine, we should be on the Welcome screen. We select our country and click on "Continue. Given that we went through all this trouble to create a Mac OS X virtual machine, it's a safe guess that we don't have another Mac device to transfer information.

After reading the Software License Agreement, in its entirety of course, if we agree, we proceed. We select a name and an account name. If we didn't use our Apple ID, we need to create a password as well. We can optionally choose the Customize Settings, to tweak the location and diagnostic options. We might want to uncheck the options to send information to Apple.