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User profile for user: dogear dogear. I was told by Apple to try another different wireless network. On my home network my iPhone finds itself fine but the iPad always returns the message "your location could not be determined". They went on to explain that with only one hotspot the iPad could not triangulate my position.

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Of course, my iPod touch does just fine and they could not explain what that is so. Today, I went to my office, a university campus with lots of wifi hotspots and, sure enough, Location Services work just fine there. Interestingly, Location Services on my iPod touch does not work on campus.

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None of the wifi devices on campus is registered in Skyhook's database. The only conclusion I can reach with this evidence is to suppose that Location Services are implemented differently on these two devices. It is possible, I suppose, for Apple to have withdrawn support for Skyhook's database in the iPad. User profile for user: rel rel Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: 0.

User profile for user: marcusadv marcusadv. And that's it! It took a wile after I turned on that "Find my iPad" option before the "location service disable" message went away inside "Find iPhone" app, but then it located it precisely, also inside maps and other apps. Although this procedure is very simple, there's no precise indication of that option hidden inside your mobileme account on our mobile devices and it's easy to forget to check it out, since I just configured it once looong time ago in my iPhone. Hope this help see ya. User profile for user: Daniel Smith12 Daniel Smith Jul 6, PM in response to marcusadv In response to marcusadv Thanks for the post, but I'm still out of luck.

Have tried everything that you could possibly think of, and I'm still being tracked with a Texas location I live in Pennsylvania.

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Hopefully Apple will resolve this soon. User profile for user: Dhobbins Dhobbins. Jul 12, AM in response to Daniel Smith12 In response to Daniel Smith12 Just for interest - my location services work pretty well while travelling with Google maps and Memory Maps providing my wifi is switched on and my Huawei E wifi dongle has a signal.

OK, but what's really strange is that the dongle can be switched off and the blue dot stays lit for some of the time. I guess that the iPad picks up stray networks even in rural areas to keep the location live. Of course the dongle has to remain on to download Google maps but on-board maps work fine with no deliberate connectivity.

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User profile for user: DonnieMoore DonnieMoore. Jan 31, PM in response to Dhobbins In response to Dhobbins I am having a similar issue and have tried the suggestions made on this form. At home, I can turn off my celluar service and leave the WiFi on and it is able to pin point my location.

On the IPad, it can't locate me. I hope I never loose my IPad or get's stolen. This service offering to me will be useless. The weird part is.. I believe to sum it all up.. Find My IPhone What is able to pinpoint your location?

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Is this an iPhone? Which version of firmware is it running? FindMyiPad is free.

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You don't need to pay for MobileMe to use this feature. The location of your router is not in Apple Location Services database and t's unclear how Apple's database get updated. FindMyiPad and Location Services should work in most places. User profile for user: DutchUtah DutchUtah.

Tracking Your Every Move: iPhone Retains Extensive Location History

However i live in the middle of a big city, not in a rural area. My iphone location service works great at home, and anywhere for that matter. But there is no way to export the iCloud contacts over to the mac address book either. I have to now manually search for all the new contacts I've added which is a project in itself and retype it in the mac address book.

Pretty ridiculous!!!!!

Find the serial number or IMEI on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

Is there a fix for this or is Apple wanting everyone to buy Lion to use the dektop version of iCloud. Posted on Dec 13, PM. Posted on Dec 20, AM. Page content loaded. Dec 20, AM in response to zamshabeer In response to zamshabeer. Dec 20, AM. Communities Contact Support.

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