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OpenCL 2.

When releasing OpenCL version 2. OpenCL consists of a set of headers and a shared object that is loaded at runtime. An installable client driver ICD must be installed on the platform for every class of vendor for which the runtime would need to support. Each vendor must implement each OpenCL call in their driver. All standard-conformant implementations can be queried using one of the clinfo tools there are multiple tools with the same name and similar feature set. Products and their version of OpenCL support include: None yet: A key feature of OpenCL is portability, via its abstracted memory and execution model , and the programmer is not able to directly use hardware-specific technologies such as inline Parallel Thread Execution PTX for Nvidia GPUs unless they are willing to give up direct portability on other platforms.

It is possible to run any OpenCL kernel on any conformant implementation. However, performance of the kernel is not necessarily portable across platforms. Existing implementations have been shown to be competitive when kernel code is properly tuned, though, and auto-tuning has been suggested as a solution to the performance portability problem, [] yielding "acceptable levels of performance" in experimental linear algebra kernels.

The researchers noted that their comparison could be made fairer by applying manual optimizations to the OpenCL programs, in which case there was "no reason for OpenCL to obtain worse performance than CUDA".

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Another study at D-Wave Systems Inc. The fact that OpenCL allows workloads to be shared by CPU and GPU, executing the same programs, means that programmers can exploit both by dividing work among the devices. Machine learning has been suggested to solve this problem: Grewe and O'Boyle describe a system of support vector machines trained on compile-time features of program that can decide the device partitioning problem statically, without actually running the programs to measure their performance. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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OpenCL™: The GPU Open Compute Language

Otherwise you would see hundreds of GPUs every time there is one installed. With compute unit I mean OpenCL device. I don't know anything about Macs, if it was a linux or windows I would say that your driver is not properly working. If you want a legible list of your installed CPU and Graphics equipment, the following command does it nicely: Chipset Model: GPU Bus: Display Type: LCD Resolution: Yes Mirror: Off Online: Yes Built-In: Yes Hardware: Hardware Overview: Model Name: Intel Core i7 Processor Speed: Apple Last Modified: Intel Bit Intel: Yes Signed by: Mark Setchell Mark Setchell Roman Arzumanyan Roman Arzumanyan 1, 7 Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

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