Use f11 key on mac

My Function keys are messed up. Volume & Brightness keys don't work!

Instead my volume button takes me to the dashboard with a whole new commands for these buttons. I have been into the whole keyboard options and have done almost everything like ticking off the mission control settings. Unchecking the F1, F2 as standard keys etc. Everything like this is done.

I have tried PRAM and these kind of things without any luck. Notice that all the keys do work and nothing is damaged on the hardware, because when I press them they do work but in other ways.

How to Use Function Keys on MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

I didnt have this problem before the repair. It is difficult to believe that the repair may have caused this because all the buttons do work properly, but does other things. I've not worked on these newer models yet so that was a surprise.

Looking deeper into this model I see they don't daisy chain the keyboard via the trackpad mechanically as they did in the older models as well as use the internal UDB hub connection. You'll need to walk though the different hardware sections to see if you can find the interface.

How To Use Windows Print Screen Key On Your Mac In Boot Camp

That might offer a clue here. I also cant use my Function keys, and even though I did the System preferences method, all my laptop does is make some sound every time I click on one of the F keys. Dan danj.

Self employed contract worker. Go into the Keyboard Prefs setting window and click on the Righthand menu choice 'Input Source' now hi light from the left column the keyboards flag in my case a US flag using the minus key at the bottom, then close the window and restart the system, then reopen to add it back in. Did that solve it?

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We will need to know what are your keyboard resources are. Now in the left column expand Hardware section and then click on the USB. Take a screenshot of the window and paste it here for us to see. I assume the reason you replaced the trackpad was do to a liquid spill of some sort. Sadly, what ever spilled also effected the keyboard.

I would visit an Apple Store and see what they have to say is the issue. Once they report back to you on whats wrong you can decide if you want them to fix it or give it a try your self. I tried the first thing you said about the minus, but it did not help at all. And of course, it comes with a Mac keyboard, which does not have the Print Screen key.

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Print Screen is a feature that was using in the Windows environment to give the ability for users to take a screenshot and save to clipboard. But on a Mac-based keyboard, no button is labeled. There still ways to capture screenshots in Windows with your Mac keyboard. With the help of a series of keystrokes , you can quickly perform the same function as pressing the Print Screen key.

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You can use the top row of keys on your Apple keyboard as standard function keys or to control built-in Mac features. If your Apple keyboard has icons printed on some of the keys on its top row, these keys can be used to perform the special features shown in each icon.

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  4. They can also be used as standard function keys F1—F If you prefer the top row of keys to always behave as standard function keys without holding the Fn key:. With this option enabled, the keys on the top row act as standard function keys F1—F To use a feature indicated by the icon printed on a key, hold Fn while pressing the key. Change the behavior of function keys on your Mac You can use the top row of keys on your Apple keyboard as standard function keys or to control built-in Mac features.