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For further details refer — Controlled Access Protocols. Channelization: In this, the available bandwidth of the link is shared in time, frequency and code to multiple stations to access channel simultaneously. If you like GeeksforGeeks and would like to contribute, you can also write an article using contribute.

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Classification of MAC Protocols, Contention Based, With Reservation and With Scheduling

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Setting strategy of delay-optimization-oriented SMAC contention window size

Its main functions are- Data Link Control Multiple Access Control Data Link control — The data link control is responsible for reliable transmission of message over transmission channel by using techniques like framing, error control and flow control. For Data link control refer to — Stop and Wait ARQ Multiple Access Control — If there is a dedicated link between the sender and the receiver then data link control layer is sufficient, however if there is no dedicated link present then multiple stations can access the channel simultaneously.

Multiple access protocols can be subdivided further as — 1.

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It has two features: There is no fixed time for sending data There is no fixed sequence of stations sending data The Random access protocols are further subdivided as: a ALOHA — It was designed for wireless LAN but is also applicable for shared medium. Pure Aloha: When a station sends data it waits for an acknowledgement. Since different stations wait for different amount of time, the probability of further collision decreases.

If a station misses out the allowed time, it must wait for the next slot. This reduces the probability of collision. CSMA access modes- 1-persistent: The node senses the channel, if idle it sends the data, otherwise it continuously keeps on checking the medium for being idle and transmits unconditionally with 1 probability as soon as the channel gets idle.

Non-Persistent: The node senses the channel, if idle it sends the data, otherwise it checks the medium after a random amount of time not continuously and transmits when found idle. P-persistent: The node senses the medium, if idle it sends the data with p probability. If the data is not transmitted 1-p probability then it waits for some time and checks the medium again, now if it is found idle then it send with p probability. This repeat continues until the frame is sent.

pQueue-MAC: An Energy Efficient Hybrid MAC Protocol for Event-Driven Sensor Networks

The listen interval and duty cycle are fixed. Nodes exchange their listen-sleep schedules by periodically broadcasting a SYNC packet to their immediate neighbors. If it does not hear a schedule from another node, it immediately chooses its own schedule and announces the schedule by broadcasting a SYNC packet.

If the node receives a schedule from a neighbor before choosing or announcing its own schedule, it follows that schedule and then will announce its schedule at its next scheduled listen time. If a node receives a different schedule after it chooses and announces its own schedule. If the node has no other neighbors, it will discard its current schedule and follow the new one. If the node already follows a schedule with one or more neighbors, it adopts both.

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CS Advanced Networking 10 Synchronization Maintenance When a receiver gets the time from the SYNC packet it subtracts the packet transmission time and use the new value to adjust its timer. The listen period is significantly longer than clock drift rates. For example, the listen time of 0.

Medium Access Control (MAC) Protocols for Ad hoc Wireless ...

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